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What is Recover-Ease?

Recover-Ease is a new way of thinking about post-exercise recovery. The formula combines 8 natural nutrients into a research-proven and patent-pending blend that gives your body what it needs to repair damage following intense exercise.

Specifically, Recover-Ease delivers a potent source of fuel to immune system cells. The patent-pending blend is taken up rapidly by immune system cells, which then are able to repair tissue damage – particularly in the muscles and lungs.

Research studies and “real-life” users clearly demonstrate that using Recover-Ease following exercise results in fresher legs and lungs, higher energy and mood, and overall faster and more complete recovery.

Elite athletes and age-groupers alike understand that adequate recovery can be the difference between injury/illness and optimal performance. Those who recover better enjoy higher levels of performance.

How do you take Recover-Ease?

Recover-Ease is a capsule-based recovery product. This makes it easy to take assoon as you finish your workout or competition. No gooey gels or messy powdersto mix and choke down. Simply swallow your Recover-Ease capsules with water or your favorite sports drink.

The intensity of your effort will determine your dose of Recover-Ease. We have studied Recover-Ease at doses of 2, 4, and 8 capsules following intense endurance training and competition. Higher doses are required for your most intense efforts – so we generally recommend the following dosing regimen:

2 capsules = following your “regular” workouts (tempo runs, cycling spins, steadylaps)

4 capsules = following your “hard” workouts (intervals, hill repeats, weighttraining)

8 capsules = following your “competitions” and “hammer sessions” (races, longdistance days)


Presented at numerous Scientific Conferences across the country - Check out someof our Research


United States Patent Application, Docket No. 49118-01031 for Treatments and Nutritional Supplements for Assisting Post-Exercise Recovery


Each and every batch of Recover-Ease raw material and finished product is analyzed by independent certified analytical laboratories to confirm the absenceof stimulants, steroids, and any other prohibited substances

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